The easiest way to describe Mindfulness for Change is through stories.

Below are some example stories describing the change we've been seeing, and would like to see, in the world as a result of the gatherings ("hui") we convene and the community we're building together. These stories are invitations, possibilities - some are based on experiences of people that have been to previous MfC events, but some are there to spark future possibilities that haven't yet come to pass.


Mindfulness for Change is a prototype community integrating embodied mindfulness practice with powerful vehicles of change to make a bigger impact than any of us could make alone.

We're documenting and open-sourcing our learning so that any individual or community in the world can pick up our "cultural DNA" and apply it to change the parts of the world that their lives touch.

The change we're wanting to see is:

Impact of MfC.png

How does Mindfulness for Change facilitate this?

We support aligned individuals, groups, and organisations to do the things that they are drawn to do.

As an organisation, we focus on:

  1. Convening people who are drawn to the broad purpose of MfC.
  2. Hosting community gatherings, in a way that supports participants to move towards the change they want to see and build community to support each other in co-creating this change.
  3. Developing and maintaining a common collection of resources and infrastructure to support people connected to the Mindfulness for Change community/network.

This means that Mindfulness for Change as an entity does not, for example, run programmes in diverse sectors and industries. Instead, we support and enable aligned individuals and groups to create the projects they want to create, be present the way they want to be present, and do what makes them come alive. Some of the community might run programmes in healthcare, or education, or the corporate world through their projects, but generally not under the name "Mindfulness for Change".

The people hosting and developing Mindfulness for Change are participants in the community ourselves. Many of us have our own projects that are aligned with the broader impact that Mindfulness for Change is wanting to create in the world.